Ultimate World of Whimsey - Mixed Media Workshop by Tamara Laporte

Ultimate World of Whimsey - Mixed Media Workshop
Tamara Laporte

Ultimate World of Whimsy is as comprehensive as it can get! Learn how to create your own whimsical character and get ALL the extra from WOW 2 as well!!

DVD: Please note: the DVD you are buying is a DATA DVD. The file format of the videos on the DVD is in .mov. This means you cannot watch the files on your TV unless your DVD player specifically plays the above mentioned file format. The files on the DVD can be played on PCs or MACs using either Quicktime (.mov files) or VLC Player.I strongly recommend Quicktime for .mov files though as the VLC player tends to distort the videos ever so slightly.

You get 2 DVDs which contain 15 mov files and 17 PDF files. A supply list in PDF format is included on the DVD. The DVD case has a professionally printed sleeve covering it.

This courses is a combination of both WOW 1 & WOW 2, now referred to as ‘Ultimate World of Whimsy’. Hundreds of students have joined this course since part of it was first run in 2009.

The extras on WOW 2 include; creating darker skin tones, taking a closer look at color theory, creating whimsical animal characters and extra background techniques!

This DVD is filled up to the brim with mixed media techniques, useful information, PDFs, healing exercises and fun!!

Course outline

Art Outline
week 1 – Composition, layout, drawing your main elements.
week 2 – Shading and filling in your elements & Darker Skin Tones.
week 3 – Background & layering
week 4 – Embellishments, definitions & borders (frames).
week 5 – Colour Theory & Adding inspirational, uplifting messages to your art
week 6 – Creating Whimsical Animal Characters & EXtra Background Techniques

Your pdfs will contain both technical guidance and will look into positive healing and
self acceptance practises based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent
communication, looking at feelings and needs), Eckhart Tolle (the power of now),
Byron Katie (the work) and Focusing.

Self-Acceptance/ Healing Outline—PDFs
week 1 – “There Is No Such Thing As Failure” & “The Art of Acceptance”
week 2 – “Dancing with Monsters”
week 3 – “Being Here Now/ Feelings & Needs”
week 4 – “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”
week 5 – “Being Incredibly Awesome”
week 6 – “Jump and the net will appear”

ultimate wow

The DVDs contain 15 video files (many many hours worth of lessons) covering 6 weeks of mixed media art lessons. Pls note that Tamara has NOT taken out little chats or comments which related to events or circumstances happening at the time.

Tamara includes several mid week video responses, these videos were created in response to students’ work and questions, she enjoys including them here so that you get the full picture of what happened on the course.

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