Earth Colors by Helen Van Wyk

Earth Colors
Helen Van Wyk

Illustrating how earth colors can be used in a painting problem, Helen reveals the characteristics of Light Red, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna, all of which are chromatically reduced (and less expensive) versions of bright reds, yellows and oranges. As Helen explains, the true value of earth colors is not in their inexpensive prices, but in the way they let painters reach a darker and duller range of colors and tones that is virtually impossible to create with the warmer colors of the palette. First, she uses Light Red to paint clay pots, then calls on Burnt Umber to paint brass, and finally, captures copper using Burnt Sienna. After viewing this video, you will never again think of earth colors as merely "cheap" paint!

Running Time: 75 mins

Helen Van Wyk is quickly recognized by thousands of artists as the host of PBS's Welcome to my Studio television show. Helen took the time to teach us the principles and reasons behind painting each element in the progression of a work. Helen's sensibility in basic natural fundamentals taught us we can paint anything by employing these basics. Subject matter was a minor consequence to Helen. Using the basics, thousands of artists received the confidence to paint any type of subject.

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Painting - Oil
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