Figure Design in Gouache: The Process by Carla O'Connor

Figure Design in Gouache: The Process
Carla O'Connor

Carla O'Connor's painting process promotes unique, personal expression and rapid, artistic growth. In this watercolor DVD workshop, she uses the human form as a springboard for powerful, expressive design. Each logical step in her process addresses a specific design issue.

O'Connor's initial quick drawing, or set up, relates the figure to the background and divides space into intriguing shapes. Working on gesso-coated paper, she modifies visual paths in her composition to keep the viewer inside the painting. O'Connor uses interlocking shapes to create direction and movement and establishes a strong value pattern. Using gouache, she layers darks and lights, creates textures and patterns, and paints juicy transitions. She discusses the importance of each step and its impact on the overall painting. Some of the many issues O'Connor addresses include: creative division of space, unity, balance, transitions, visual path, texture vs. pattern, rhythm, push-pull, contrasting colors, multiple points of interest, interlocking shapes, sequence of painting, and the development of a personal creative process.

Running Time: 130 Min

Carla O'Connor received her BFA in painting from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. She has done additional formal study at the University of the Americas, Mexico City; University of Dayton, Ohio; and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

O'Connor is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Northwest Watercolor Society and is an AWS Dolphin Fellow.

Carla teaches approximately 12 watermedia workshops each year across the United States and Canada.

Carla O'Connor is a watercolorist and Gouache artist who teaches workshops across the United States and Canada.

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