Painting Children - From Photographs by Helen Van Wyk

Painting Children - From Photographs
Helen Van Wyk

Everyone wants to paint children but simply just can't make them sit still. After years and years of painting children, Helen says, "never make them pose for you. Just photograph the little darlings." This video shows you how to go about it. Helen Van Wyk tells you in this DVD what kind of photographs are best suited to use as models. And once you have selected on one, she explains, in easy to understand instructions, how to transfer it to canvas through the grid method. There is much more in this one-hour presentation: preparing an underpainting, applying glazes and also the technique of alla prima (direct) painting. At last, you can paint the child in your life without fuss and stress.

Running Time: 60 min

Helen Van Wyk is quickly recognized by thousands of artists as the host of PBS's Welcome to my Studio television show. Helen took the time to teach us the principles and reasons behind painting each element in the progression of a work. Helen's sensibility in basic natural fundamentals taught us we can paint anything by employing these basics. Subject matter was a minor consequence to Helen. Using the basics, thousands of artists received the confidence to paint any type of subject.

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