Florals, Quick & Loose by Chuck McLachlan

Florals, Quick & Loose
Chuck McLachlan

When you watch this DVD, pay particular attention to Chuck's brush use. Viewers can mimic Chuck McLachlan's style and learn to paint the essence of the subject through a technique of connecting shapes. Student learn in this watercolor DVD to let the paint and pigment flow, creating florals that are quick, loose and absolutely stunning.

Running Time: Approx. 45 min

With over 50 years of painting experience, Chuck McLachlan continues to improve and explore the painting world. He continues to be a student and learn new techniques and develop new styles. He currently is exploring the saturated watercolor styles successfully achieved by North Carolina artist Skip Lawrence and national artist Wolf Kahn. Chuck's new style is strong color balanced against simple composition. Although not intentionally abstract, his paintings sometimes take on that view. It appeals to both the traditional watercolorist and the new younger art patron.

This title is in the following categories:

Painting - Floral
Painting - Watercolor

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