3-hour Workshop by Bob Ross

3-hour Workshop
Bob Ross

It's your own private class with the legendary Bob Ross, host of TV's favorite art show The Joy of Painting! Presented in his warm and patient style, this high quality three hour workshop DVD answers all the questions you have about the popular Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique. Bob covers all the basics in great detail: skies, mountains, trees, water, final details and much more. Then he helps you assemble the various components into a beautiful finished painting, while explaining the happy accidents you are likely to encounter and how to correct them. Six detailed chapters show you everything you want to know about Bob's techniques and a bonus section lets you meet Bob Ross, the man himself.

Running Time: 180 min

Bob Ross discovered oil painting while he was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in the early 1960s. He studied the "wet-on-wet" technique, which allowed him to produce complete paintings in less than an hour. He then became an instructor himself, eventually teaching a TV audience of millions on the PBS show The Joy of Painting. As a TV painting instructor, Ross became known for his light humor and gentle demeanor, as well as his ability to complete a painting in 30 minutes. The Joy of Painting would eventually be carried by more than 275 stations, spawning an empire that would include videos, how-to books, art supplies and certified Bob Ross instructors.

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Painting - Beginner
Painting - Landscape
Painting - Oil

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