The Wonder of Oil Painting by Mark Saenger

The Wonder of Oil Painting
Mark Saenger

If you are interested in art but don't know where to begin, or simply want to increase your knowledge of principles, concepts and techniques in landscape painting, without having to go to a classroom, this unique 4 DVD Set is perfect for you.

Mark Saenger has taught, literally thousands of students, to master the mystery of painting. Now, his secrets of the trade are available in your own living room!

DVD 1: Tools of the Trade, Drawing, Composition, Creating
Depth and Atmosphere, Color Mixing

DVD 2: Skies, Clouds, Mountains

DVD 3: Land, Bushes, Trees, Basic Cabin

DVD 4: Seascapes, Waterfalls & other Bodies of Water

Running time: Approx 6 hrs 30 min

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