Painting Water with Pastels by Carmella Jarvi

Painting Water with Pastels
Carmella Jarvi

This art video's six segments include: Soft Pastels and Pastel Surfaces; Composition and Color; Mounting Surfaces; Water in Landscape.

Carmella Jarvi is an artist and Charlotte native best known for her paintings of women in water and her love of marketing. As the first curator for the Gallery at Packard Place, she gets to combine her passions for art and business, while being part of something new and innovative in the heart of uptown.

She is excited to have received the Gallery at Packard Place initial curatorial grant from the Arts & Science Council as this experience is a great fit for her as an artist and entrepreneur.

Through the years, Jarvi has won a variety of artist grants and residencies. Among other things, she is a McColl Center for Visual Art alumni and two-time Regional Artist Project Grant recipient.
Like many artists, Jarvi delights in sharing with others. She teaches painting and the business of art, both privately and through local arts groups. Since 2005, she has participated in numerous business of art training sessions. Jarvi has led marketing sessions for artists through local groups - including the Arts & Science Council - and does private consulting with artists.

Her figures in water and abstract water-inspired paintings are available at MoNA Gallery -which is relocating - in Charlotte, NC.

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